About Fireside Publications

Fireside Publications provides writing services to new writers who are serious about wanting to develop their skills and expertise.

With support for all aspects of the writing and publishing process, the staff at Fireside Publications wants to ensure that your first novel is well received and does not become the last book you write. Writing a book is a long arduous process; getting your book published may be difficult, although today’s writers do have more options; then the real work begins – marketing your work. If you don’t create your own brand and gain a following, who is going to do it for you? With support along the way, Lois Bennett can be your writer’s companion. Join our Writer’s Salon to develop your skills. Find inspiration for yourself and help inspire other writers. Together, we can insure that your first novel will not be your last and keep all your writing moving forward.

The Writer’s Salon

We, often do not value the words of other people, whether spoken or written. We hope to build a community of writers with the desire to share and grow with each other. An ability to value the thoughts of others, and a desire to understand their ideas, helps to develop bonds between individuals; perhaps new relationships can be cultivated in a community of like-minded authors. By enjoying and respecting each other’s words through personal interactions within this space, our skills as writers will continue to grow.

As salon host, Lois Bennett is a writer with a world of experience to share. Join her, and your fellow writers, in the forum for an interchange of ideas and values of literary and life experiences. Ask or answer questions; discuss concerns of other writers; or start a discussion on a topic of interest. Express your opinion; or pose questions for the group. Whatever you do in this virtual environment, we hope you enjoy it while you gain information and complete your novel.

Thoughts for Contemplation

  • What things do you value most in your life?
  • How do you measure the way other people place value on your prized words, thoughts or possessions?

Honest introspection on these questions will help you to clarify in your own mind just who you are, and what you are about. Consider how you feel and how you respond to words of praise or criticism. Are words alone enough to validate your personal assessment of your creations? Or do you need tangible validation in the form of prizes or money? Consider your reaction to rejection. Do you give up easily, or does failure motivate you to push forward and do better? The ability for honest self-assessment is one of the most valuable tools you can have in an arsenal of strategies to guide your personal or professional life.

Here’s how to join the discussion

Follow me and subscribe to my blog which will focus on a myriad of issues related to social and/or mental health concerns, and topics of general interest to writers. The ultimate direction of the conversation will depend on feedback from writers like you, willing to participate and let your voices be heard. Another way to join in is to become a member (link to sign up page) of our community of writers, where a members-only forum will be held. Either way, I do look forward to talking with you soon.

Fireside Publications: Writing Services

The Staff at Fireside Publications encourages and supports all stages of the writing process. While publishing is not our primary focus, we do publish a limited number of novels throughout the year. There will also be an occasional writing contest – the last one ended in December 2013. First place winner, Ben Eller, will have his second novel, Plato’s Tears, published mid-summer 2014. Names of the other winners from the 2013 contest can also be found on this page.

The next project for writers is now open with a deadline of September 30, 2014: A Story Callout for short story manuscripts and poems to be included in a year-end holiday collection to be published in print and ebook format. While there are no cash awards for winners, selected authors will receive copies of the print edition.
Your Story; Your Poem; Your ByLine. Your chance to become a published author. Check it out here.
Tentative Title: “Holiday Tales.”

Other offerings include:

Check it out; there are lots of free goodies for writers, as well as the paid membership site for serious novel writers who want to improve their skills and have step-by-step guidance along the way to move their writing forward.

Retail Boutique

At the Retail Boutique you’ll find a lot of fun things to purchase ranging from e-books to download and print books to order, to a selection of crafts and parenting tips by Jessica (add link to Bio), our in-house specialist.