Alison Neuman

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An explosion at Christopher Morris’ recording studio leaves his teenage daughter Elissa’s life in turmoil with Christopher missing, and Elissa’s mobility taken away; even worse, it exposes her parents’ lives as secret agents. No longer able to fit into her old world, Elissa embarks on a journey far away from the rock star daughter and dancer existence she knew. Acceptance to Madisyn Academy takes her out of her comfort zone and into danger – into the relentless world of the Sunglass Man, a stalker and a link to her dad’s mission.
At Madisyn Academy, Elissa trains to be a secret agent in spite of prejudicial issues over the use of her wheel chair, and learns to trust her intuition and to believe in her abilities. As an active agent, she completes challenges, falling for fellow student Benjamin along the way. With her new canine sidekick, Morocco, she exposes the danger of her dad’s mission and fights to unlock the truth about the mysterious software called Ice Rose. Elissa soon finds herself picking up in her dad’s place, needing to complete the mission in order to stop The Northern Elimination Retaliation Deployment (NERD) from taking power. She just hopes she does not lose Benjamin or her missing dad along the way.

Alison Neuman graduated from Grant MacEwan with her Bachelor of Applied Communications Degree. Her thrill for secret agent literature, movie, and television shows and her own confinement to a wheel chair inspired Ice Rose. Other writing credits include several magazine and journal articles, lyrics, and a co-written screenplay. Alison Neuman lives in Edmonton, Alberta.


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book_3No one ever expected Alison Neuman to live past the age of three, let alone become a successful author and performer.

Now, an inspirational figure, Neuman has never let the painful disease she suffers with, dermatomyositis, dictate what she can and cannot achieve in her life.

An award-winning singer, Neuman has even done dance performances with the iDance and Cripsie Groups in her native Edmonton, Alberta, Canadian hometown. Along the way, she has become a college graduate, earning a degree in creative writing from MacEwen College, despite being told she’d never amount to anything.

Searching for Normal is her memoir and anthem to anyone who is suffering through sickness or obstacles that seem too impossible to overcome.

“You can and will achieve life’s greatest dreams,” Neuman says, “if you take it one step at a time; even if that step is while you navigate via a wheelchair.”