Allen N. Hunt Ph.D

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“There’s been a fire.” Four words. Succinct. Terse. Steeped in code.

These four words slam Joshua Cross into a world placing medical science on a collision course with radical terrorism, biological warfare, murder, and abduction. Understanding that fear is the greatest weapon of the terrorist, Colonel Joshua Cross, Ph.D. is catapulted into a war being conducted on three fronts. He is challenged by the first outbreak of smallpox in the United States in over fifty years and the need to reassure his government and the nation that the attack is containable. Perhaps the most basic challenge of all for Dr. Cross is the disappearance of his fiance Dr. Katherine Dale.

You will experience the intensity of human emotion when pitted with personal values, in conflict with the reality of a true national threat. From the laboratory to the field, from the logic of science to chaos of the real world, each reader will find a common thread by which to identify with the personalities invested in leading a nation away from a looming crisis.


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About the Author:

Allen Nelson Hunt’s Ph.D. in Biological Sciences is from the University of Georgia. He retired from the US Army after twenty-four years in military medicine, having commanded the 485th Medical Detachment and serving in The Department of Communicable Diseases and Immunology at The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the 5th Preventive Medicine Unit in Seoul, Korea, and the US Army Environmental Hygiene Agency. Currently he enjoys the more sedate life of a college professor in Kentucky teaching human anatomy and molecular biology.

Dr. Hunt, recipient of a number of national awards including the Exxon Innovations in Genetics and the NISOD Award for teaching Excellence, is a member of Pi Kappa Phi