Carla Lee Suson

independence day cvr

James Mitchell knew his family would live and work at the top secret Bio-Lab 4 military base for all of their careers. Twenty-three years later, the lab has become an embarrassment and the Army shuts it down. They decide to keep the government’s dirty secrets safe by killing everyone. At the last celebration, the Army colonel, Forrester poisons the food with a deadly virus. Mitchell, the only survivor, watches his family and friends die writhing in agony from the virus he created. Now, with his sanity breaking, Mitchell wants revenge on the government that killed his family and stole his life. On July 4th, 2026, three million people flood into Washinton DC for America’s 250th birthday celebration. Veteran DC cop, Michael Dorado, heads the city’s anti-terrorism taskforce for the biggest celebration of the decade. On that morning, Mitchell sends Dorado the message, “When the crowds are at their peak, I will detonate a biological weapon that will spray the nearby people with a deadly pathogen.” Now Dorado is in a battle against time and the crowds to stop a madman before he unleashes the lethal virus on the world.


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Carla Lee Suson’s education is in cellular and molecular biology and she worked in rheumatology and pediatric research for five years before moving to the coastal bend area of Texas. Once settled near the Gulf of Mexico, she switched to a career of writing and editing. She wrote magazine articles, internet material, short stories and standardized test materials for over ten years. Additionally, she edited books for local professors on the subjects of art, art history, climatology and global warming. During this time period, she spent twelve summers living in Washington, eventually becoming inspired to write this book. In 2007, her family relocated to the Chicagoland area. Now she is the owner of North of the Red Writing Services in Northwest Indiana. Although a Texas girl in her heart, she lives in Crown Point, Indiana along with her husband, three kids, and three dogs.