Death of Learning

Author: Dr. Ben Eller

The Death of LearningIncreasing levels of betrayal, seduction and murder slowly begin to erode the sanctuary of higher education, eventually threatening to entrap Child Psychologist Dr. Brad Stillman in their web of deceit and lies. The deeper Brad becomes embroiled in these maniacal threats to humanity, the more he questions his own mission to empower the minds of young people and guide them in creating a better future for those less fortunate. His clinic at Statesville University, one of the best in the nation in the treatment of emotionally disturbed children, provides a solid base for teaching and reaching his humanitarian goals. But, will it continue to be the best platform for him? Deceived by the beauty and brilliance of his irresistible teaching assistant, Brad is drawn into a conspiracy that will shake the very foundation of the country.  An ingenious assassination plot evolves as Dr. Stillman discovers his life in academe is merely the stage for an international terrorist plot.

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Dr. Ben Eller, currently resides in Knoxville TN. His professional career has been in academics – Associate Professor of psychology East Tennessee State University and Professor, Program Chair, Professor Emeritus, Behavioral Studies, The University of Alabama.

His academic publications include learning and behavioral disorders of children and adolescents, educational technology and a textbook. “The Death of Learning” is his third novel. His previous novels were “The Children of Sherlock Holmes” and “The Cleansing”. He is currently working on a fourth novel “The Storyteller”.