Donald Heimelstein

above honor cvrAbove Honor: Rachel’s Story

Donald Heimelstein takes his readers on a whirlwind tour from Nazi Germany to the Caribbean, in his tale of romantic intrigue and powerful men grappling for control and revenge. In this poverty to riches story, Rachel Steinman emerges from a young Jewish fraulein, desperate to escape the wrath of the Nazis, to become a superstar radio hostess and wealthy matron in a new land. Her story becomes one of Life’s great lessons, while she rules her family with a strong will and firm hand until she realizes that true love really does conquer all.

In 1939 a group of 600 desperate European Jews gathered aboard a rickety ship hoping to escape from Nazi Germany. Rachel Steinman and six other women are forced to attend a Nazi SS officer’s party where she encounters Rudy Reinhardt, an ambitious dedicated officer. The next day, after a night of drinking and sexual abuse, the women are returned to the ship, and the group is given clearance to leave, never suspecting that years later they would meet their captors again. The refugees find a safe haven in the port of Puerta Plata in the Dominican Republic where they struggle successfully to gain a foothold in this strange country. Rachel gives birth to Bernardo, the baby conceived after the rage by Reinhardt.

Rudy also finds refuge after the war in the Dominican Republic. With sheer old world determination he builds an empire of land holdings and cattle on the slave labor of the friendly Dominicans, unaware that his past is about to catch up with him, as his lovely daughter Greta falls madly in love with Rachel’s youngest son, Diego.


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About the Author:

Donald Heimelstein served two years in the United States Army as a medical corpsman stationed in Germany and later attended school on the G.I. Bill. He received his BA in Political Science from Richmond College of Staten Island. He recently retired after more than 33 years of service with the New York State Office of Disability as an Analyst. While on his honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, he heard the story of the Sosua Jews. After publishing a number of short stories, he decided to write a book based on those events. Above Honor is his first novel.