Holiday Tales Anthology

Author: Lois Bennett, Editor

Dreams-shadowofnightHoliday Tales Anthology – 2014 is a group of short stories, poems, and pictures celebrating the important days of our lives – Holidays.  The definition for Holiday is used as times that are of great significance to people’s lives as well as those official Government-declared holidays. The stories are written by experienced authors as well as some by people who have never published works previously. But they are all written from the heart with the personal emotion of each author.

Therefore,when the call went out to authors to submit material for this Anthology, the question of whether the story had to relate to Christmas kept coming up. My answer was, “No.” A holiday is a special day of celebration in a person’s life.

We asked writers to decide which holiday tweaked their imagination enough to make them want to write about it. Thus we have the majority of stories about Christmas – perhaps because we are nearing that season soon – and some about Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, or not, a strong showing was made for Halloween, which was not included in the official definition of the Holiday Season – “that period of time running from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day . Others wrote about Springtime including an Easter fantasy story, and Arbor Day, as well as Independence Day.

The stories did not have to be serious – or true, although some are. They could be funny or fantasy. And the authors took us up on these relaxed guidelines, resulting in an eclectic group of holiday stories unlike most you find during the Holiday Season – which could be anytime of the year.

Relax and enjoy.

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Lois Wilmoth-Bennett PhD

After earning her Ph.D. from Kent State University, Dr. Lois Wilmoth-Bennett practiced psychology and eventually merged with Counseling Consultants, where she functioned as senior psychologist and supervisor of interns in a diverse range of Ohio nursing homes. Her work in the nursing home setting consisted primarily of consultation with doctors, nursing staff and residents, many of whom were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

She also began her writing career while raising her family in Ohio where her son still lives. Her two daughters have since moved to Florida, near where she later settled. Earlier publications were based on personal experiences as well as some non-fiction articles and weekly psychology columns, and were published in local newspapers and national magazines. It was there she did the research and started her first novel, Beyond Forever, based on facts but later fictionalized and published under the pseudonym of Taylor Shaye. It became the prequel for Deadly Visions, a more recent popular ebook novel.

Dr. Bennett moved to Central Florida in 1996 to care for her mother as she became more incapacitated with Alzheimer’s disease. Her years in Florida have led to a later-life career in editing and publishing novels with her business partner, Joan West, at Fireside Publications.

Lois Wilmoth-Bennett is the author of: Beyond Forever (under the pseudonym Taylor Shaye) Deadly Visions; and her latest non-fiction book, Death Tales: From the Land of the Living & The Shadows of the Dying are both available only as ebooks on Amazon Kindle. Dr. Bennett is best known for her non-fiction book, Essays: On Living with Alzheimer’s Disease: the First Twelve months, released in 2010 just one year after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. The book is written from a three-fold perspective, that of psychologist having worked with patients diagnosed with the disease; caregiver, from caring for her mother for a decade while she lived with AD; and now a patient herself. She spends her time writing and speaking to groups about subjects related to Alzheimer’s disease as well as doing periodic book reviews for The New York Journal of Books. Lois also edits and publishes a few books each year for other writers through Fireside Publications.