Judith Groudine Finkel

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WHERE DANGER LURKS is a must-read for social workers, teachers, nurses, and parents or anyone concerned about abuse in the home and signs of sexual abuse. Many parents are reluctant to admit that abuse could happen in their own families; when it does, they often do not know how to deal with it. Where Danger Lurks is a real eye opener as well as a tender story with very real characters. Camille Lutz’s life is going along smoothly – devoted husband Brad, precious daughter Desiree, a fulfilling career as an attorney. Then Desiree’s best friend, seven-year-old Amber, accuses Brad of sexually molesting her. Though Amber’s mother Rosie denies it, Camille and Brad insist the child’s stepfather Tony is the culprit. Both Camille and Rosie attempt to help their daughters cope with the heinous act, the accusation and their aftermaths. Each struggles with the decision of how long to trust her husband. Stopping too soon destroys a marriage. Stopping too late endangers a child. Brad and Tony, at least one of whom is innocent, deal with fears of losing their families, their reputations, their freedom. Camille must know the truth. She investigates to determine who the actual perpetrator is. Until she finds out, she won’t know where danger lurks.


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About the Author:
Judith Groudine Finkel is also the author of the best seller, TEXAS JUSTICE. This is her second novel. The first novel has been used by bookclubs across the country as one of their monthly selections. The author makes herself available to the club for its discussion in person if it is local to Houstion or by phone to clubs outside her area. She expect to do the same with Where Danger Lurks. Judith lives in Houston, Texas with her husband Howard and enjoys time spent with her grandchildren. She is a retired lawyer.