Judith Groudine Finkel

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This is a fictionalized version of a true crime prosecution experienced by a young Jewish man and the ensuing prejudices attached. Mara Levine is determined to save her nineteen-year-old son Ariel from being convicted of murder. She battles an ambitious prosecutor, an experienced detective and her former husband whose efforts to protect Ariel backfire. As Mara seeks the actual killer, she never admits to herself that he could possibly be her son. Ariel Levine, a teen with no history of violence, seems an unlikely murder suspect, until his writings reveal his violent fantasies. Is he the victim of mistaken identity his mother claims or the manipulative murderer the prosecutor presents to the jury?


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About the Author:

Judith Groudine Finkel practiced law for twenty-four years before retiring to write TEXAS JUSTICE. Her shorter works have appeared in newspapers, magazines and journals. Among other awards, Judith was the recipient of a Summer 2008 Fishtrap Fellowship. She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband Howard who shares her favorite pastime of entertaining their granddaughter Sia. PRAISE FOR: TEXAS JUSTICE, 2008 Fireside Publications contest winner in the Mystery / Suspense / Thriller category. “Judith Finkel’s writing is clear and crisp. This is the real thing, a disturbing story that moves with the grit of truth. Finkel feels her work. She owns it.” Peter Chilton, Non-fiction writer. “This chilling tale of a young man tried in the press as well as the courtroom will have you turning the pages far into the night.” Linda Jacobs, Spur Finalist and the WILLA award-winning author of the Yellowstone series of novels. “Texas Justice tells the gripping story of a mother fighting to save her son from being convicted of murder. Award winning author and attorney Judith Groudine Finkel mixes mystery, murder and maternal love in this must read legal thriller.” Madeline Maxine Westbrook, author of The Ghostwriter and The Muse.