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essays cvrEssays on Living With Alzheimer’s Disease: The First Twelve Months

Has Alzheimer’s disease touched your life yet? If not, it will be near impossible to escape its affect on family, friends or even yourself, as it reaches epidemic proportions in the near future. Every 70 seconds, someone develops AD. By Mid-century, scientists predict the incidence will increase to one every 33 seconds. The clock is ticking unless we find a cure.

Essays on Living with Alzheimer’s Disease: The First Twelve Months shares an overview of scientific and historical data, along with personal experiences of the author, a psychologist, in becoming a caregiver and ultimately a patient. Become privy to the intimate feelings of the author as she watches loved ones suffer then has the dreaded diagnosis applied to her own life in a rather bizarre way. Share her feelings as she makes the decision to not become a victim – to do what she can to slow the process then to get on with her life. Find out what comes next after the diagnosis; read about steps the author has taken to adjust and perhaps extend her mental functioning a bit longer. The journey can be a long, lonely one.


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About the Author:

Lois Bennett

  Lois Wilmoth-Bennett worked in public schools in Ohio as a psychologist and Director of Special Education. After earning her Ph.D. from Kent State University, she joined Counseling Consultants, as senior psychologist, consulting with doctors and staff in a multiplicity of nursing homes to provide the most appropriate situation for individual residents, many of whom were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.Dr. Wilmoth-Bennett moved to Central Florida in 1996 to care for her mother as she became more incapacitated with Alzheimer’s disease. Her years in Florida led to a later-life career in editing and publishing novels with her business partner, Joan West, at Fireside Publications.

Books by Lois Wilmoth-Bennett include Beyond Forever under the pseudonym Taylor Shaye and Deadly Visions.