Meet the Team

Lois Wilmoth-Bennett PhD

Lois Wilmoth-Bennett spent much of her professional life working in public education in Ohio, first as a psychologist then as Director of Special Education.  After earning her Ph.D. from Kent State University, Dr. Bennett practiced psychology and eventually merged with Counseling Consultants, where she functioned as senior psychologist and supervisor of interns in a diverse range of Ohio nursing homes. Her work in the nursing home setting consisted primarily of consultation with doctors, nursing staff and residents, many of whom were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Thus, her expertise and interest in mental health issues was born. As her writing career developed, she has continued to blend these interests in childhood education and family mental health into her life and writing.

Relocation to Central Florida in 1996 led to a later-life career in editing and publishing novels with her business partner, Joan West, at Fireside Publications. With Joan’s recent retirement to write a cozy mystery series, Lois assumed the publishing responsibilities, and created Kadin Books as the sales and marketing department for books published by Fireside Publications. She has authored several books including: Deadly Visions; Death Tales; Essays: On Living with Alzheimer’s Disease, and Beyond Forever (under the nom de plume, Taylor Shaye) as well as books using other pseudonyms.

“I have been a writer most of my adult life,” Lois says. “I most enjoy expressing my thoughts through the written word. Taking pen to paper allows me time to formulate concepts and ideas more fully than if I were to toss words to the breeze, hoping the listener understands and values what I have to say. By touching pen to paper I can leave a more lasting, permanent imprint of what I wish to convey.

“As a writer, I also place a high value on how other people respond to my writing and validate my words. Validation may come through verbal or written praise; or it may come through being quoted or retweeted. Hopefully, validation also comes with a financial reward when my words are used to inform, educate or entertain others. Those of us who call ourselves writers usually place a premium on this last method of corroborating our written thoughts and ideas. My intention in creating this website is to open that opportunity up for all writers. When you have faith in your writing skills; when you believe that you’ve crafted your thoughts just so; you too should be able to anticipate that feeling of success, of your words lasting forever, and forever touching someone’s heart.”



Jessica is a creative idea-person who loves working on the computer, posting on Face Book and creating crafts for the entire family. After completing school, she chose home and family over creating a formal career. Her four children are the inspiration for her craft ideas, behavior management charts which she readily shares with others, and self-illustrated children’s books. She will be sharing many of her crafts and children’s activities in our Retail Boutique along with occasional postings about her Favorite Four: Julia – soon to be an official pre-teen is nearing twelve; Jacob, nine-year-old whiz-kid has discovered Boy Scouts: Kadin, age six, keeps everyone busy with his high-energy antics; and Kira, age four going on fourteen, is the self-proclaimed leader of the group. Together, they provide a wealth of ideas for activities Jessica will be sharing with other parents and writers.


Other people you may, or may not, have contact with on this website include:

  • Diane Banks is the administrator in charge of anything financial including sending or receiving payments, invoices and paying royalties. She keeps a tight reign on records of this nature and enjoys interacting with clients to explain procedures or answer questions.
  • Steven Craig is a back-up man for computer issues when he isn’t busy helping edit or formatting books for publication. He also enjoys writing for the science fiction market.

There will be others around on occasion, but this is the core group of helpers you can expect to interact with when requesting information or doing business on this website. We look forward to hearing from you soon.