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cost of justise cvrThe Cost of Justice

In a John Grisham-type scenario, The Cost of Justice gives the reader an inside look at the state Supreme Court systems. In all but a half dozen or so states, Supreme Court Justices are voted to office on non-partisan tickets. In those few states where the justices are still chosen along party lines, the opportunity for corruption and influence runs rampant especially when major corporations are involved. After the “Storm of the Century” hit the Gulf coastline and flattened a multitude of homes in Alabama, rather than taking the predicted path toward Florida, Insur Pro, the largest insurance company in the South, devised a method of payment based on wealthy versus poor, or who would most likely fight them and win. They were taken to task by a little known attorney who won and the case sent to the Supreme Court. Insur Pro had collected a portfolio on all the justices and used it when appropriate. Jack Garrett, Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court fought back. His actions led to news of contacts he had made suddenly “commiting suicide,” for unexpected and unknown reasons. After a fashion, it became Jack’s turn to ” commit suicide” when he and his guest came home to find an intruder in his beach house. A variety of entanglements ensued, leading all the way to the top of Insur Pro. Rather than stopping at the natural end of the story, the author takes his characters on to the next years of their lives by showing his readers where they are one year later and two years later. Readers of thrillers written by Grisham and others set in this area should be mesmerized by the actions and information shared by Gedgoudas in this debut book.


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About the Author

Mike Gedgoudas lives with his family and practices law in Birmingham, Alabama. His personal knowledge allows him to authentically present the underlying theme in The Cost of Justice which exposes the corrupting influence of money in judicial elections in Alabama. Though this is Mike Gedgoudas’ debut book, he promises that there are more to come.