New Beginnings

Author: Olivia “Claire” High

new-beginningsGage, a man with a threatening future; Holland, a woman with a dismal past… No hope loomed for new beginnings…until they found each other.

With tales of women running screaming through the hallways, and the matriarch being  kept a prisoner in her own home, it’s no wonder the locals refer to the sprawling stone mansion built by the late Jamison Howard as the Devil’s Domain.

Holland Wallace, newly arrived in the mountain community wonders if the rumors are true. She gets her chance to find out when Jamison’s stepson, Gage Langdon hires her to be his  infant nephew’s new nanny. The house is like a miniature city inside, but it’s Gage’s dysfunctional family who captures her attention. His mother  suffers from a secretive affliction. His sister-in-law hates her own baby and his  younger twin brothers make rash decisions that put everyone in danger.

Heartbreaking events from her past have made it difficult for Holland to trust any man. But she finds herself becoming attracted to Gage and dares to believe in their budding relationship, until troubling family secrets emerge that shatters her hopes for a happy future with him.

All the previous nannies left under mysterious circumstances. Holland has no idea what made the women quit, but she vows to stay for the baby’s  sake…until she wakes up one night in a dark tunnel beneath the house and is forced to face her most deadly fear.

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Olivia “Claire” High loves to write romantic suspense novels – and, she’s good at it. Her earlier novels, Crystal Angel and Rose Cottage are still available in ebook format on Kindle while later books can be purchased here or on Amazon in either ebook or print book form.

Claire, a retired teacher, enjoys traveling with husband Joe who doubles as her first-line editor. Dreaming of places she’s visited, or wishes she had, Claire often uses exotic locations, as well as the less traveled roads of northern California for primary settings of her novels. Living in northern California also provides a measure of comfort and familiarity which allows her to convey a sense of belonging to readers through lives and experiences of her characters. Claire is a member of Romance Writers of America and is always working on her next romantic suspense novel. Please check out Olivia Claire High’s latest books including; Dreams~Shadows of the Night; The Eyes of A Stranger; and The Wolf Deception.