Olivia “Claire” High

Kari Final CVR  1 KARI’S DESTINY ~ NO MORE TOMORROWS is a “must read” book for any family involved with a terminally ill child. It takes the reader through the terrible ordeal of dealing with doctors and hospitals to get a diagnosis; then a detailed description of the emotional impact on the family as time is balanced between the child who is ill and other children; and lastly, in a loving way shows that there is life after death for the family as they deal with their loss. Claire and Joe will help you to know that you are not alone in dealing with your own sadness and loss, while showing you how to remember the good times, too. Dreams, a miraculous way to open the window to one’s soul, help analyze the inner workings of the conscious mind by opening the door to understanding oneself. When first writing about my daughter Kari, I shared insights which seemed to have the potential to prepare me for what might lie ahead for our family. Although I tried to ignore them, they haunted me throughout her lifetime. Perhaps you can relate, perhaps not. Think about it… Have you ever had a dream about something so terrible happening to a loved one that it woke you up with your heart racing and tears streaming down your cheeks? I have! Did you ever have your child tell you they were going to die and go to heaven, because Jesus needed them? I did! Do you ever wonder how you could find the strength to deal with a devastating tragedy, and yet keep your faith? I still do. Kari’s Destiny ~ No More Tomorrows, the story of a mother’s ordeal and her little girl’s courage in the face of crisis, shows how one family coped with heartbreak in the past, and how they are faring now, with more unexpected challenges in their lives today.


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Author: Olivia “Claire” High Olivia “Claire” High Claire, a retired teacher, enjoys traveling with husband Joe who doubles as her first-line editor. Dreaming of places she’s visited, or wishes she had, Claire often uses exotic locations, as well as the less traveled roads of northern California for primary settings of her novels. Living in northern California also provides a measure of comfort and familiarity which allows her to convey a sense of belonging to readers through lives and experiences of her characters. Claire is a member of Romance Writers of America and is always working on her next romantic suspense novel. Please check out Olivia Claire High’s latest books including; Dreams~Shadows of the Night; The Eyes of A Stranger; and The Wolf Deception.