Silver Strands

Author: Eileen Bennett

Dreams-shadowofnightSilver Strands Meet Mary, an ordinary working mom – until she dies on the operating table after being struck by a bus. Skilled surgeons help her return from the precipice of death to begin the healing process for the normal life she is able to live. While trying to regain her lost memory of the accident, Mary is introduced to a new doctor by her co-worker, Meg, a reporter in search of a story. Through hypnosis, Dr. Lee leads Mary into a world of experiences unknown even to him except through theory. Here she is guided into an awareness and understanding of the Silver Strands connecting each person to every other person.

Take a walk in Mary’s shoes as she travels to different realms on a magical journey to meet the faces behind the masks we all wear – many of them proving to be quite a shock.

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Eileen Bennett, author of Silver Strands, has a thirty year history working in the New Jersey newspaper business as a reporter and editor. When the hit TV show, “Boardwalk Empire” began to capture the imagination of viewers everywhere, she added one more designation to her resume, that of blogger, by creating a blog about the series for The Press of Atlantic City, thus reaching hundreds of thousands of readers online and finding a creative way to promote her own books through her by-line.

Proving the old adage that truth can be stranger than fiction, Eileen’s first novel for Fireside, Amanda’s Voice, was a best seller chronicling the murder/suicide of her daughter’s family and still outsells newer books as a Kindle ebook. After it’s publication, she worked alongside Sister Helen Prejean, Pulitzer Prize nominated author of Dead Man Walking who wrote the intro to Amanda’s Voice, to successfully eliminate the death penalty in the state of New Jersey.