Stephen L. Kanne

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The Furax Connection

The last thing Louis Rosen expected of his son, Billy, was that he would volunteer for the draft after graduating from Harvard in 1949 with highest honors; and the last thing Billy expected of his father was that he would become a partner in a criminal enterprise known as “Furax Unlimited.” Yet, when these two events unexpectedly collide and connect, Billy’s life is changed forever. The Furax Connection chronicles Billy’s struggle for survival during his initial weeks in uniform when, unwittingly, he becomes entangled in a web of deceit and intrigue from which he must either extricate himself or suffer the shame and disgrace of a dishonorable discharge. That he survives at all is testimony not only to his resourcefulness and strength of purpose, but to his uncanny ability to forge relationships. And, as Billy struggles to survive, he discovers that, contrary to the civilian world of indifferent strangers he left behnd, the military is a close-knit family of good and decent people who unselfishly care for their own. The Furax Connection has been endorsed by two retired generals and by the Chairman Emeritus of the prestigious Garand Collectors Association. It received a featured Book Review in the GCA Journal, a quarterly publication of the Garand Collectors Association which is sent to its 14,000 members worldwide. It was also selected by noted reviewer Alan Caruba, a charter member of the National Book Critics Circle, to be on his monthly list of the best in new fiction and nonfiction books for Nov. 2009

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After graduating from Harvard College, Steve Kanne served in the Army as an overseas military news reporter and editor. Following his discharge from the service, he attended Stanford Law School and then practiced real estate law for over three decades. Steve wrote one of the three winning short stories in the 2006 Stanford Fiction Contest (his short story, My Auntie’s Wedding, is available online at the Stanford Magazine site). The Furax Connection is his first novel. The Furax Connection is another great read from the shelves of Fireside Publications.