Dreams ~ The Black Feather

Author: Olivia “Claire” High


Two months is all the time it took for Suzanne Conway’s life to unravel. Her fiancé jilted her for her cousin, her mother left for some fancy resort with a guy she met a week ago, and her father ran off to parts unknown with a gangster’s daughter and a great deal of the hood’s money.

Suzanne decided to take a cruise hoping to bring some joy back into her life. A simple shipboard romance with fellow passenger handsome Thad Novak just might be the way to cheer her up. But her plans for a fresh start get complicated when a mysterious man presses a black feather in her hand aboard ship and tells her she’s been warned. Warned about what?

Things get even more confusing when she and Thad go ashore in Belize and find themselves dodging bullets while being chased through the jungle. They end up hiding out in a house there and Suzanne soon learns the gentle Thad she met on the ship is really a gun toting tough guy. She becomes increasingly wary when he begins questioning her about her father’s whereabouts.

Is he a good man trying to protect her – or a bad thug working for the mob? Suzanne is beginning to think she should give up on men considering her bad luck with the male species; but first she has to concentrate on staying alive.

Prolific romantic- suspense author, Olivia Claire High and her husband, Joe have decided that their favorite-type vacation is to take a long cruise, where Claire mixes sunshine and relaxation with gathering new material for her next novel. The pages of The Black Feather bear witness to her work-vacation creative time.

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Claire High, a former teacher, is also an adoring mother and grandmother, whose family comes first in her life. She still finds time in her busy schedule for reading, writing novels and working puzzles. Claire and Joe live in Oroville, California where she remains active with her Curves exercise groups, her book club and promoting her growing list of books.