The Bloody Third

Author: Eileen Bennett & Nelson Trout

bloody-third-200If you’re a native of Millville, New Jersey, you’ve no doubt heard of the city’s notorious “Bloody Third Ward.” This book peeks into the history of the scrabble, blue-collar, working class neighborhood and how it earned its nickname. It touches on John “Bat” Trout, the great-grandfather of baseball superstar Mike Trout, and how “Bat” was a baseball legend in his own time. The neighborhood was the scene of a 1917 murder spree, numerous speakeasies and the source of works by famed poet Carl Sandburg, appalled at the flaunting of child labor laws. But faithful “Third Warders” proudly point out that there were fond times growing up in the shadows of the glass and cotton factories.


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Eileen Bennett is a retired, award-winning newspaper reporter and editor. She retired from The Press of Atlantic City in 2003. This is her fourth book, following the fictional “Incidental Tears;” the acclaimed “Amanda’s Voice,” a true story of the murder of Bennett’s stepdaughter and two young grandchildren; and “Silver Strands,” another work of fiction. She is a 26-year member of The Society of Professional Journalists (Sigma Delta Chi). She has a BA degree in communication/journalism and resides in southern New Jersey with her husband Chick.


Nelson Trout is a novelist, poet and singer/songwriter. His books include “Blood On The Ceiling“, “Raven April” and “Scalpel“. He has written and recorded over 200 songs. His composition “More To Offer” is the official song of Cumberland County, NJ. “New Jersey, USA” is under consideration by the State to become the official State Ballad, and has already passed in the Senate. “Blood On The Ceiling” is in it’s second printing and is currently being written into a screenplay. Nelson is a member of the Writers Society of South Florida. He lives in South Jersey.