The Cleansing

The Cleansing- fr cvrThe Cleansing Privilege, power and wealth buy them no quarter. The most depraved, and evil of our species–serial killers, sadists, child predators and genocidal madmen are caught in the act and mysteriously disappear, and with them are erased from the capacity for war, terrorism and violence. What-or-who is doing “The Cleansing”? Desperate for an answer, a gifted young scientist, herself a victim of heinous crime, and a brilliant rough-hewn pillar of conscience, plagued with demons of his own making, join wits, hearts and courage to seek out this mysterious force for peace on earth.

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Dr. B.F. Eller, Author    Dr. Eller resides in Cullowhee, NC.  His professional career has been primarily in academe– Associate Professor of Psychology, East Tennessee State University and Professor Emeritus, Behavioral Studies, The University of Alabama.

    B.F. Eller’s publications include areas of learning and behavioral disorders of children and sdolescents, and educational technology.  He also published a textbook, Psychology for Effective Teaching and a historical fiction novel, The Children of Sherlock Holmes.