The Wolf Deception

Author: Olivia “Claire” High

The Wolf DeceptionPippa Scott arrives at Wolfhaven, an isolated mansion in the deep woods of Northern California, vivid imagination intact, to assist wealthy Lila Avalon in writing her animal stories. Lila’s warm welcome is soon overshadowed by the air of secrecy permeating the household, especially whenever Pippa alludes to having seen, or heard the howling of a wolf outside her window at night.

Her dream job transitions into a nightmare, threatening her Cinderella-like existence when she suspects Lila’s aloof grandson, Shade Avalon, and a magnificent black wolf roaming the gardens, may be one and the same. Dare she refer to Shade as a ‘Shape-Shifter,’ or is it just her vivid imagination? Facts keep piling up, but no answers emerge. Eager to solve the mystery and break the family code of silence, Pippa encounters one dangerous situation after another from both man and wolf. But she realizes the real risk may turn out to be her growing passion for the enigmatic Shade. How could she possibly love someone who may also be part beast?

Olivia Claire High stretches her vivid imagination to new heights, bringing her readers along for the ride, in this whimsical modern-day, adult fairy-tale. She delves deep into the psyche of her characters and significant life-events which have impacted their adult persona; events which will allow an infant, tossed into the trash at birth, umbilical cord intact, to journey beyond a life of rejection, landing in the arms of her Prince Charming. While both have imperfections to overcome, tragedies and obstacles bar their way. But, as with any good Cinderella tale, love trumps all.

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Olivia “Claire” High loves to write romantic suspense novels – and, she’s good at it. Her earlier novels, Crystal Angel and Rose Cottage are still available in ebook format on Kindle while later books can be purchased here or on Amazon in either ebook or print book form.

Claire, a retired teacher, enjoys traveling with husband Joe who doubles as her first-line editor. Dreaming of places she’s visited, or wishes she had, Claire often uses exotic locations, as well as the less traveled roads of northern California for primary settings of her novels. Living in northern California also provides a measure of comfort and familiarity which allows her to convey a sense of belonging to readers through lives and experiences of her characters. Claire is a member of Romance Writers of America and is always working on her next romantic suspense novel. Please check out Olivia Claire High’s latest books including; Dreams~Shadows of the Night; The Eyes of A Stranger; and The Wolf Deception.