Writers Salon

book_3Module 1Thank you for joining us in The Writers’ Salon, the exclusive members-only segment of Fireside Publications’ website.

The Salon is designed for writers to hone their skills in various aspects of constructing and writing their novel in a guided and consistent manner to achieve a plethora of goals including, but not necessarily limited to: 

  • Developing an appropriate mindset for completing a novel-length work
  • Organizing and prioritizing discrete units of work for efficient usage of time
  • Developing memorable characters, consistent in their actions and dialog, who resonate well with readers
  • Create an authentic and believable plot with settings consistent with characters and their actions
  • Explore editing and publishing options for when the novel is completed
  • Delve into promotional aspects of marketing to make sure your first novel is not the last novel you write and get published

The primary aspect of The Salon, the creation and completion of a novel, consists of seven modules, each containing four guided lessons to walk the writer through the various stages of writing a 60,000 to 80,000 word piece of literature that is ready for publication. Each module is designed to take approximately one month to complete, although students are free to work at a pace that is comfortable for them. Each of the four lessons is designed sequentially to take approximately one week of the month so that when all four are completed, the goal for that module is completed.

book_1Bonus materials for each module are available for download by the student, free of any additional charge. These bonus materials are available for non-members for an a la carte fee of $6.95 each. Articles and a variety of informational hints and instruction will be posted to supplement and enrich each lesson. There will be opportunity to interact with other students and staff through the members-only forum to help alleviate that feeling of being alone, and lonely, while writing your novel; the opportunity to discuss concerns and feelings with people who are in the same circumstance and understand is of major importance during such a long endeavor. Other perks, such as discounts on services available on the LgBennett.com website will be available to members, also.

If you are a visitor to this site, just browsing to determine if it is a good fit for you, we welcome you and hope you will give us a try. You can purchase some of the articles our members get for free here. For specific questions which are not answered here, please contact us at Diane@LgBennett.com, and we will try to provide more detailed information.

How much does membership in The Writers’ Salon cost?
When does it have to be paid?
How long am I committed to remain a member?
When do I get my materials for writing the novel?
What if I complete the modules, but my novel is not finished.
What if I quit and later want to become a member again – will the cost still be the same?