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By: Lois Bennett, PhD

Successful authors are aware that having their books reviewed by professional reviewers is an important aspect in helping to build their brand as an expert in their field as well as bringing their books to the attention of the reading public. Accolades by family and friends are nice and bring a warm fuzzy feeling to the author; too often these are the proud, subjective words of someone who loves you and would never want to hurt your feelings even when the writing is less than perfection. Inexperienced reviewers often overlook the nuances in writing that take it from ho-hum to a higher level of literature, thus bringing the book to the attention of a more critical readership.

Lois Bennett has spent several years reviewing books for the New York Journal of Books. Her reviews of novels and non-fiction psychological/medical books include many published by the large publishing houses such as Grand Central, Random House, Putnam, Overlook Press and others. She has reviewed books written by authors such as A Quiet Vendetta by RJ Ellory; Pathological Altruism by Barbara Oakley, et al. (Oxford Press); Dave Zeltserman’s, A KILLER’S ESSENCE; CRAZY… by Rob Dobrenski, PhD; and How We Age by Marc E. Agronin, MD. Her favorites are doing the popular thrillers and romantic suspense stories. Her recent review of BROKEN WING by Anna Klay can be found on Lois has interviewed several authors, including Bonnie Hearn Hill and Robert Newton Peck, and reviewed their books in newspaper articles.

A few sample reviews by Lois Bennett are included elsewhere on this page for you to download and enjoy as you determine whether you’d like her to review your book.

Reviews Include:

  • A one page review of the book and short author bio, provided to you as an online email or snail-mail hard copy to use as you wish.
  • A shorter version posted on Amazon and/or Nook.
  • Turn-around-time is usually less than 30 days.
  • Please contact to request a book review prior to sending any print book or emailing a manuscript online.

Basic Pricing Is As Follows:

Novels – Fewer than 200 printed pages – $40.00
Novels – Fewer than 300 printed pages – $60.00
For novels above 300 pages, and non-fiction books, please contact us for pricing.

For any special requests or reviews outside these parameters, please contact:

Sample Reviews:

Burning Lamp 
A Killer’s Essence
The Trials of Zion
A Simple Act of Violence