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A Daunting Task:

Writing a novel is a daunting task. It can become a living entity, taking on a life of its own and growing in directions the author never envisioned. This can be a good thing – or not, depending on how much control the author maintains.  Creative forces may seize the passions of the characters, guiding them along their own unique pathways. But…

When Reality Strikes!

All those paths need to be connected in a cohesive fashion. Otherwise, we’re left with a jumble of great scenes going nowhere; or at least they don’t make sense in the total context. The author must now shift from right brain creative mode into a more practical style and move methodically through the process of tying loose ends into a unified package, one that flows like an unbroken stream through the reader’s consciousness. Each scene must tell its story and glide into the next scene leaving the reader unaware that a bridge has been crossed. Tense issues must be dealt with as well as language structure; punctuation and grammar must be tweaked – not so much fun, but essential. The author who neglects these important factors in writing the novel is setting it up to be less well received than its competition.

What to do:

Some writers are excellent editors; others are not so adept at revising and reworking material they have written – the same errors may appear repeatedly. Many authors are great story tellers, but haven’t a clue about structuring a novel. They write their words and hope they will sell. Hope is good; positive thinking is great; but when skill is added, a good story can become a great novel.

A Solution:

Fireside Publications offers quality editing services for writers who prefer to rely on right brain talents to further their brand-building and storytelling expertise, or those who want a professional overview of their manuscript. We want to help you make sure that your first novel is not the last novel you’ll ever sell.

Our Proposal:

Two basic types of editing:

  • Simple line editing looks at mechanical errors of punctuation and spelling, or language-usage errors not picked up by spell check. It can also include such things as proper formatting of the manuscript for its destined venue.
  • A second type looks at the quality and structure of the manuscript. How well does the story flow?  Are characters consistent in actions and mannerism? Are the settings realistic?  Repetitious use of words or phrases; and so forth. It may even involve rearranging of chapters or paragraphs or sentence structure.
  • To meet the needs of all our clients, we offer as much, or as little editing as the manuscript needs and the client desires.

General Pricing:

  • Line Editing:    $1.50 per page (double spaced – 250 -300 words per page.)
  • Comprehensive Editing – $2.50 per page (double spaced – 250 -300 words per page.)
  • Extensive or special needs editing – Contact Lois@LgBennett.com

Send your email request or questions to: Diane@LgBennett.com

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