Fireside Publications: The Publisher

The natural progression of creating a novel goes from:
• Creating and writing the novel, to
• Self editing, and perhaps professional editing, to
• Publishing the novel.

The staff at Fireside Publications is prepared to help you with each step in this process. Each step has its own thought process with major decisions to be made. Before one puts a lot of energy into searching for a publisher, the first two steps need to be completed: the book must be written and it must be cleanly edited.

I am aware of the fantasy that publishers just want the story, and they will clean it up the way they want it to be. In my estimation, that is a fantasy. Of course, there is the occasional story of someone throwing a handwritten manuscript on an editor’s desk, and the book miraculously gets published. Unless your book is the next Harry Potter series or you are such a famous star that you break all box office records, don’t count on this happening to you. And how many rejections did HP’s author receive before someone recognized its genius? Book publishing is a serious business; and if the author doesn’t care enough about his or her work to make it the best it can be, why should anyone else care?

Each year, a few novels or non-fiction books are published by Fireside Publications. Because of the limited numbers published, we do not have the resources or staff for major promotions the way many of the New York publishing houses do. Regardless of whether the author publishes with a major publisher, or works with a small press publisher, such as we are, the outcome is often the same; the author must go out and promote the book tirelessly, or the book does not sell. Many authors are surprised to hear this; “I wrote the book,” they say. “Now it’s the publisher’s job to sell it. Wrong! Writing and publishing are cooperative processes. Everyone must work together to make a good book a best seller; or it sets on the shelf with all the others.

Publishing a novel with Fireside Publications can take a variety of forms. In the age of self-publishing, many authors merely want some assistance to get their book before the public in print or ebook format. Others may want the prestige of having a “real” publisher’s name and logo on their book while still maintaining control over most aspects of the process and retaining most, or all, the royalties for themselves. Still others prefer traditional publishing wherein the publisher takes all the risk, does the majority of the work, and pays a small royalty to the author. Each method of publishing a book has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. At Fireside Publications, we try to meet the needs of the author to get the best overall experience for the author.

Traditional Publishing:

We publish a few books each year in this category. However, we no longer pay an advance due to the high costs of publishing, advertising, and maintaining an inventory then having to depend on the skills and motivation of authors to promote their book to the extent that the investment is returned in a timely fashion.

Modified-Traditional Publishing:

Most of our books are published in this category. No advance on royalties is paid, and there are no charges to the author. The author’s responsibility is to have the work well edited prior to submission for publication so that minimal editing is required. It is then published under the Fireside name in print and electronic format; placed on Amazon; Kindle; and Nook with ongoing support and assistance from the publisher; and a royalty is paid to the author each quarter on sales. The author is expected to purchase a minimum of 125 copies (at the discounted rate of 50% of cover price) of his/her book at time of publication for book signings and promotional purposes.

Co-operative Publishing:

Same as above, except that when extensive editing is required, there is a fee assessed for editing and occasionally other incidentals depending on needs of the author. The author is expected to purchase a minimum of 150 copies (at the discounted rate of 50% of cover price) of his/her book at time of publication for book signings and promotional purposes.

Assisted Self Publishing:

We will publish your book in print and ebook format, as is – without additional editing – for a fee. You will be listed as the publisher; you will receive all royalties and will retain all rights to the book. Any further assistance from Fireside Publications will be on a fee-for-service basis.

Please keep in mind that whichever method of publication is chosen, the author is still responsible for the majority of the promotion of his/her book. This is basically true with major publishing houses as well as with most small publishers. Without visibility and promotion by the author, the book will sit on the shelf with all the others waiting to be discovered.

If you are interested in having your book published by Fireside Publications, please email for guidelines and further information.

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