Writing Contests

Fireside Publications
Attention: Wannabe Novel Writers

Do you have a novel floating around in your head that you seriously want to write but aren’t sure how to get it written and to the marketplace?

The Writers Salon is the place for you. It will be opening soon, but first we need to finish testing it out.

We need 10 unpublished novel writers:

  • Who are serious about writing their novel,
  • Are willing to commit to finishing it, and
  • Will give feedback on their experience.

If you fit in the above category, you will find some great perks along the way to entice you to reach your goals. Peek at the criteria below, and get in touch with us soon, at: kadinbooks@gmail.com

Writers who are interested should:

* Send Jessica an email with: BETA Testing Details in the subject line.
* Include your:  full name and address; telephone number, and email address.
* Write a short paragraph about yourself and your writing experiences, so we can contact you shortly by email or phone. If you have self-published a novel, but feel you could still use some help with it, or with your next one, contact us anyway to see if we might have a spot for you.

* Send your email to: Kadinbooks@gmail.com

Holiday Tales Anthology
List of Titles and Authors

The Staff at Fireside Publications would like to send out a big shout of thanks to everyone who submitted stories and poems for inclusion in the Holiday Tales Anthology – 2014. Below is a list of all those pieces, which were chosen to be included in this book. Hugs and a big Thank You to all who participated. Purchase your copy from our Retail Boutique.



Part One: Thanksgiving & Celebrations of Life

Turkey Whisperer (Poem) Colette Sasina
Thanksgiving 1949 Colette Sasina
Unnoticed Shenanigans? Carol Ray Skipper
The Celebration Quilt Colette Sasina
My Auntie’s Wedding Stephen L. Kanne
Snow (Poem) Colette Sasina

Part Two: The Christmas Holiday: Celebrating a Power Higher than Self

The Awakening (Poem) Colette Sasina
Amor Fati: An Orphan’s Love of Christmas Denise Kingsley
In Search of Christmas Lost Robert Allen
Slipper’s Last Breath John D. Ottini
Gabriel Gerry Wolfson-Grande
The Christmas Present Joan West
A Stitch in Time Alison Neuman
The Last Party Sherilynn La May
Christmas Baby, Maybe (Poem) Nelson Trout
The Best Gift of All Don Himelstein
Tootsie’s Christmas R.M. Prioleau
The Singer in the Snow Nelson Trout
Taking Miss Minnie Home Jackie Grommes
Mary Christmas (Poem) Colette Sasina
New Year’s Resolution (Poem) Don Lubov
My New Year’s Resolutions – 2000 Trudi

Part III: Holidays of Springtime & Summer: Celebrating Rebirth, Renewal &

San Juan’s Jewell (Poem) Colette Sasina
The Wicked Witch Mardi Gras Murder Linda Lehmann Masek
Heart Probe (Poem) Colette Sasina
Goose Talk Linda Lehmann Masek
A Special Boy’s Fantasy: Easter Pamela Saraga
Have You Hugged A Tree Today? Joan West
Happy Christmas -1947 Julie Clark
July 4th – 1971: Near Death in the Gila Don Lubov

Part Four: Halloween – Mysteries of the Night

Dancing Across the Veil Carla Lee Suson
Halloween Happenings in the Midwest Linda Lehmann Masek
Lillian McNab and the Gerbil of Doom Gerry Wolfson-Grande
A History of the Mysterious Halloween Maze Linda Lehmann Masek
The Curdle Cat Mark Newhouse
The Last of the Living Soul Mates Jessica Henderson